Next generation laminated glass repair.

The GECKO repair system is the highly automated and user-friendly solution for perfect stone chip repairs.

An automatically running program controls a two-chamber pressure / vacuum system and coordinates all work steps. This enables error-free and effortless repairs to be carried out with optimal results.

With the GECKO, employees save 20 minutes of active working time per use compared to manual repair systems.

While the GECKO is repairing the stone chip independently, the employee can carry out e.g. cleaning or other repairs on the customer's vehicle or prepare the correspondence related to the repair.
ProGlass GECKO

  • Automated system
  • simple operation
  • Visual user guidance
  • Clear controls
  • Large pushbuttons with program-controlled activation. (The button only reacts when the button is pressed when it is active = illuminated.)
  • Connecting hoses with unmistakable plug-in couplings
The GECKO in detail.


  • Two-chamber pressure / vacuum system for easy handling.
  • No separate attachment of the repair fixture required.
  • No unfavourable application of force to the glass next to the damaged area.
  • No pressure on the glass surface to seal the injector.
  • The repair fixture automatically sucks on the glass and adheres securely there.
  • The injector is automatically sealed perfectly.
  • The glass surface is slightly curved outwards when the repair fixture is sucked in.
  • This makes it easier to inject the repair resin.

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